Autorquía. A country governed by authors.

Comprehensive creation of a new brand of support services for self-published writers


Elbowing one's way as a new writer in Spain means facing a triple reality. First, the persistent general and sectorial economic crisis has meant an important decrease in sales in the publishing industry, which companies dodge by sticking to commercial formulae that guarantee sales, and closing their doors to all unknown authors. Second, even though it's not a new phenomenon, the Internet has favoured self-publishing as an attractive option for new writers, eliminating all entrance obstacles but also all quality filters. Self-published books, both electronic and in paper, compete for our attention online, but neglect both the container and the contents, which means they have serious commercialisation problems. Lastly, this situation has given rise to the appearance of publishing companies that charge authors a small amount for publishing their books, without offering any professional editing services. 

When quality has lost its value in exchange for the long tail self-publishing business, there is a clear niche: creating an honest, professional and warm company that will offer comprehensive support services to new and self-published writers. In their own words, "there are all these books out there, waiting for someone to come and turn them into a good-quality book"; "we want to save authors from the helplessness of self-publishing without knowing that one's book needs some serious editing, and from the predation of certain publishing companies who look for easy and misinformed prey". 

Autorquía, a country governed by authors, identifies a new company that offers professional editing services aimed specifically at helping new or unknown authors who self-publish their books. Its primary aim is to listen to these authors, enrich their work and propel their careers, and it focuses on three differentiated targets: the dreamers who self-publish digitally or paying for a publication in paper, unaware of all the editing work that publishing a book should entail, the 'closet' writers who finally decide to publish one of those books that they have in their desk drawers, and the successful men and women who have an idea for a book but whose busy professional lives prevent them from making the enormous effort of writing and publishing it.

It was important to express Autorquía's differentiation from apparently similar companies, stressing its clear focus on the author's needs, rather than merely on her book, by way of a careful brand identity: professional, kind, cool yet accessible. The central idea behind this brand is an honest, empathic and empowering commitment to the author

Autorquía is led by Javier Miró, a writer who has experienced in his own skin all the difficulties and challenges that his target audience faces. 

Grasp, in collaboration with Tata&Friends, has led this comprehensive brand creation project: from the strategic analysis and definition of meanings to be associated with the brand, to the creation of a verbal, visual and digital identity. 



Strategic analysis 

Brand platform 

Verbal identity 

Visual identity

Digital identity