Buluba, the songs I like.

The best lyrics website in the hispanic market.
The best lyrics website in the hispanic market.
The best lyrics website in the hispanic market.

Prisa Radio, head of radio stations as well known as Cadena SER, Los 40 Principales, M80 Radio, Máxima FM, Cadena Dial or Radiolé, entrusted grasp with the task of coming up with a name and identity for a new lyrics website.


Song lyrics allow us to enjoy the moment, to relive it with intensity, they are a support for our emotions. To share song lyrics is to share our philosophy, our dreams, our stories.

It isn't strange that Prisa Radio, motivated by the high demand of song lyrics on the Internet, decided to complete the offer of musical websites and the experience of listening to music on the Internet with this initiative.

Buluba, the first entirely free and legal song lyrics website in Spanish, is born with the motivation of being a leader in the Spanish-speaking markets and is directed at a general and inclusive target: different ages, genders, social classes, tastes, consumer habits, etc.

Prisa Radio has a priviledged knowledge of all the user segments, and the possibility of personalising an offer for every one of them. It offers the song lyrics it knows that the users are looking for and listening to on its radio stations, some of which have been on air since the 60s.Thanks to a deal arranged between PRISA Radio and the top publishing companies of the music business, Buluba.com has acquired the rights for almost 7 million lyrics.

In a field full of careless, generic and interchangeable initiatives, only Buluba promises all Spanish-speaking audiences the best general song lyrics website, guaranteed by the knowledge of the market-leading radio stations of Prisa Radio and the communication potential of all Prisa Group.

The new website provides the user with an experience way above average. Buluba is safe, legal, trustworthy, professional and technologically advanced. It epitomises modernity and has a simple and intuitive, yet powerful, lyrics search engine.

The central idea which moves the brand will be that all its users, regardless of their musical taste or the segment to which they belong, will find here the lyrics of the songs they like. Only a platform designed by a communication giant such as Prisa radio could appropriate with credibility such a generic vision.

The chosen name, Buluba, greatly differentiates it from its competitors and comes from probably one of the best known rock choruses of all times: "Awamba buluba balambam bu" from "Tutti Frutti", written by Little Richard in 1955.

The logo symbolises rhythm, harmony, the fluidity of music. An exclusive and round typography, as well as its warm and saturated colours, convey the transparency and joy of music in the listeners' lives.


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