More is less

Ecology, saving and solidarity is the first state-based initiative which intends to spread the carpooling culture amongst Spanish citizens in order to save resources and look after the environment.

Its main differentiating factor is that it is exclusively promotional: the carpooling service is not offered but the public and private initiatives with a certain quality scale will be advertised.

The task gave grasp was to translate this desired positioning into a claim which would help to promote, in a sober and institutional, but also close, tone, the two main community benefits of sharing a car: saving and sustainability. It was also meant to compete for the citizens attention in online media, differentiate itself from similar initatives' claims, allowing descriptive information of, and be easy to remember.

Más es menos (more is less), the selected claim, is a play on words based on the quote by Mies van der Rohe "less is more". More people in a car means less money, saving being the main benefit. But not the only one: less fuel, less tolls, less time, less traffic jams, less pollution, less emissions, less stress, less public investment in parkings and infrastructures, less accidents...

A short claim: easy, longlasting and memorable.

The colour selected for the logo was green as, although many initiatives use this colour, green and ecology together are a universally recognised language. The symbol which goes with the logo is a schematic car in which one can clearly see the number of passengers. we also designed a megabanner to explain the concept on its launching campaign and incite to learning more.

Strategy analysis, claim, logo, minimanual and animated megabanner.