FICOD: a new visual identity

A kaleidoscope to symbolise the medium's versatility
Workingspace has relied on grasp to redesign the visual identity of FICOD (International Digital Content Forum). This new identity uses a symbol which starts from four triangles which make up an arrow and that, when combined and repeated, create a kaleidoscope of shapes appropriate to the great variety of contents presented. It therefore symbolises the medium’s versatility and it’s unprecedented ability to surprise us.

We have developed two logo options which have a bearing on the kaleidoscope’s possibilities to express all the different shapes that digital content can take: the first one with both institutional colours and the second one with a bigger colour palette and with transparencies to achieve 3D effects. To compensate for such a versatile symbol, the logo is presented with a very innovative typography.

FICOD was born in the year 2007 with the help of the Industry, Tourism and Trade Ministry, as well as the Telecommunications State Department. organised the event as part of the ‘Avanza’ Plan in order to boost and develop a digital content industry, specially in Spanish-speaking markets. It has become a reference meeting point for professionals in television, cinema, music, digital interactive culture, animation, education, audiovisual productions, digital publications, social networks, blogosphere, interactive advertising, etc. The fact that there are more than 15,000 congress members and almost 300 media accredited in their fifth edition, shows the growing interest achieved by this Forum, which will be launched this year by Tim O’Reilly, creator of the 2.0 concept.

Visual Identity, Minimanual.