Magro Cardona

Reinventing "Made in Spain" footwear
Magro Cardona

After several years of joint commercial experience at an important international luxury brand, Irene Magro and Ana Cardona decided to make their dream come true: create a quality and avant-garde footwear design and commercialisation brand for women. That's how Magro Cardona was born.

Aided by a favourable economic situation for companies which, like theirs, are oriented since their creation towards the foreign market and a "Made in Spain" footwear sector internationally known for its craftsmanship and quality, the brand is born with the purpose of improving the external perception of Spanish footwear with a much more sophisticated image than the current one.

In this context, Magro Cardona reinvents classic shoes for a travelling, sophisticated and authentically elegant woman, offering a product of honest luxury with transgressive designs. As opposed to the competence, their positioning leaves pre-established formulae aside and maintains its unbreakable commitment to the best "Made in Spain" tradition.

Their products, made in Toledo and Elda, aspire to be sold in multibrand boutiques or avant-garde department stores in the cities where their clients live or travel to: Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles... They will also be present in online selling platforms and first-level international trade shows (Tranoi, Intermezzo, Premium) through specialised distributors or showrooms. They will be promoted in press and selected blogs, as well as by means of gifts to celebrities. Their own office will also be a brand image.

Grasp has helped Magro Cardona to strategically analyse their market, define the meanings associated to their brand, and to design an action plan and a detailed business plan, born out of a meticulous exploration of their product. In short, all that is necessary to set a company born out of a brand concept on its starting line.


Strategic analysis; Brand strategy; storytelling; Action plan; Business plan.