The NGDO of basic infrastructures

All development NGOs pursue a world full of justice, sustainability, equality and peace. They are all moved by great ideals, are very successful in their intervention fields and generally have an impeccable public image.

But as in the private sector, they all compete for their audience’s attention and preference, as their survival depends on scarce private and public funding sources. To be able to prove that they have lead a steady path, to achieve a strong brand image amongst their target audience, to work at a specific niche or to have a privileged relationship with their financial backers seem to be the keys to succeed as an effective NGO.

The task was to create a new name for an NGDO that transforms the quality of life of disadvantaged areas in Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania and Mozambique, thanks to its basic infrastructure programmes.

ONGAWA was the name created by grasp for this NGDO which helps to erradicate severe poverty. We chose to avoid the sector’s clichés and all the overused adjectives.

Water was used as a symbol both for all basic infrastructures and for the people’s well-being. The spelling with a “w” (“awa” instead of “agua”) gives a nod to the swahili language without it losing its meaning for the latin market.

Short, memorable, distinctive and differentiated.

Furthermore, we helped to define a brand platform to focus all the organisation’s actions and a tagline to accompany it in all its main media.

Brand strategy and verbal identity.