ONTSI. More than a logo.

Creating and handbooking a new visual style.
ONTSI, visual style



ONTSI is an organisation attached to red.es and engaged in the study of the internet in Spain. To do this, they synthesise and analyse different indicators structured by sectors and information sources, they undertake studies of homes, corporations and the sector itself, they coordinate the different observatories and follow and evaluate programmes. A big part of this information is presented in a visual way, through graphics and photography. The current bichromatic identity was not sufficiently functional for its duties.

Grasp’s job focused on adapting shape to function through the development of a visual identity which would adapt to its real needs. This way, we worked on a new colour palette and a hierarchy for its use; we created visual resources to express data and an image typology ordered for its use in different studies was recommended. The identity was also developed in graphics, publication covers, word and powerpoint templates, webpage visual style, alarms and mobile applications.

The result is a visual identity which is not only much more visually attractive, but it also solves its expression needs, conveying a much more versatile and defined character and personality.

A visual style handbook was created in order to sistematically gather all the undertaken developments and the guidelines for its future use.


Photographic style, colour palette, applications, handbook.