Plyhome by Garnica Plywood

A clear, synergistic and trustworthy brand architecture.


Goodwill Communication gave grasp the task of defining the brand architecture for its client Garnica Plywood.

Garnica Plywood is a family company and the European leader in the manufacturing of poplar plywood boards. It supports sustainable environmental management and exports 89% of its production to 30 different countries.

In 2012, Garnica Plywood, together with the architecture studio Faber 1900, creates Plyhome:modular wooden houses which allow an extremely fast assembly and are delivered ready to be put together. Apart from other more short-lived purposes, the company has the possibility of exporting these products to markets in which prefabricated wooden houses are very common - like the USA, for instance.

The task was to create a brand architecture which would be easy to understand for its target, easy to implement for the company, and overall coherent. The benefits of a well-defined brand architecture are clear: a bigger impact on its target audience, clearer messages and synergy between the brands.

Once the different architecture systems were studied, a support and backup system for the new Plyhome brand was defined, in order to strengthen its connection to the Garnica Plywood brand, its values and attributes, already present in the prefix Ply-. After assessing several alternatives, the backup system was realised by using the same typography in capital letters that the mother brand uses and a new colour to identify this new business line. Less is more.

The advantages of this architecture are easy to see: Garnica Plywood has a solid position in its market, its credentials generate trust; Plyhome is very close to Garnica's main business; the endorsement system provides clarity, synergies and leverage; it makes the client's loyalty easier and is the trust-ensuring guarantee; it can be very easily replicated by future models and at an internal level it will allow a feeling of integration and implication in the group's global goals.


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