How can a naming process help me?


I would love to say that most brand names have been born with the professional help of a branding consultancy, but we all know this isn't true. Giving a name to their project is one of the first things entrepreneurs do, and they very rarely resort to external help.

As Grasp's vocation is to help innovating entrepreneurs to create and manage their brands, we have put together some of the main reasons why external and professional help when creating a name can be very useful.

The ten most common errors when branding


Even though I am firmly convinced that we tend to learn from our victories and not from our mistakes –one only needs to look at our history to see that we have an almost inevitable tendency to repeat the latter–, this post is a summary of the ten most common errors when creating and managing a brand, so that you can do a positive reading of it.

1. Long kick, and run

ONGAWA: Ongawa: the water and engineering NGO for human development.


Interview with Xosé Ramil, ONGAWA's Communication Coordinator.

Why did you decide to create a new brand?

And who knows how to create effective brand names?



Asking our expert Anthony Shore

Q: Anthony, from your long experience, what is the best profile for a good namer? It's an MBA specialised in brand strategy? It's a linguistic with a sound knowledge of different languages? It's a very cultivated person with a broad vocabulary?...

Eleven years ago, a veteran namer told me the best namers are linguists with an MBA. That captures 2 dimensions of a good namer, but I believe that characterization is incomplete.   

Do we need help to find a name?

Asking our expert Anthony Shore.

Q: If everybody is able to create a brand, why subcontract this task to a namer? What is the added value?

I honestly believe that great names can come from anyone; founder-created names like Apple, Virgin, Amazon and Google prove this. But involving an expert namer can help in ways tangible and intangible:

Make clients money

The importance of being… Anthony Shore


There is a moment in the history of a product in which the only thing that matters is its name.

Not knowing how to name our idea, product, company or service… causes a lot of uneasiness and anxiety.