The mentor’s role in personal branding


All entrepreneurs experience loneliness. Moved by a strange inner force that is at times bigger than ourselves, we chase our dream, we stubbornly continue against all odds, we are faced with constant decisions, we often make mistakes, we always get up again, rectify, or make the same mistakes all over again—after all, we’re only human—, and when we are swamped by confusion, doubts, or insecurities, we’d give our everything to have a good mentor 24/7 at our side in order to ask for advice whenever we need it.

And the good things were...


As is becoming tradition, once a year I like to look back with positive eyes and value all the good things that have happened to me.

Last year I said that I wanted to help place the bricks to make a better world and, though at first sight it seems that things haven't got any better, the amount of people who have committed themselves to helping us walk in the right direction is truly amazing. I feel very lucky to have begun walking this path.