We are


grasp, grasping
Clearly perceive, get an understanding of something completely, capturing its meaning, comprehend.

Discover and appreciate the nature of things and build a plan for the future. Serving as a guide for developing and managing our reputation and that of our companies and our products.

And, holding firmly. Making it real, visible, tangible; getting under the skin. Identity and design.

A mixture of two notions: what is visible and what is not visible.


We are different

We have know-how: grasp's team is a product of multi-sector experience acquired in leading consultancies and has been a part of the creation or re-invention of undisputedly market-leading brands 
You only pay for your project: our collaborators are selected with care, so that they fit perfectly to your project's needs. We adapt to what you require from us, and we can be as big or as small as the project requires. 
We speak your language: we have the experience, methodology, and rigour of the biggest consultancies, with the flexibility and friendliness of the smallest ones. 
We guarantee commitment and results, as well as cheerfulness, perseverance and verve. 


Our aspiration

We’d like to create value for you using all our possibilities and with our honest commitment.

We want to work in Madrid, in Spain, globally, doing multinational projects and offer our knowledge of the branding arena in Spain.

We’d like to get to know cultural differences and grow with our partners and clients.

And keep on learning.