We do

Branding projects for your company or product/service

Strategy and creativity to create, reinvent or manage your company or product/ service's brand.

Brand consultancy

Understand, research, analyze, propose and reach consensus on what we want to achieve and which meanings we want to associate with the brand:

  • » Strategic analysis, market research.
  • » Brand architecture.
  • » Brand identity definition and positioning.

Verbal Identity

Create and agree on the voice of the brand:

  • » Naming.
  • » Taglines.
  • » Key messages.
  • » Tone of voice.

Visual Identity

Create the codes that help identify and visually differentiate brands from others:

  • » Logos, colours and typography for all types of brands (personal, corporate, product, service).
  • » Visual style: graphics, photographs or illustrations that help establish the uniqueness of each brand.

On-line Identity

Create the online identity that is congruent with the brand idea and with its verbal and visual expression:

  • » Web sites.
  • » E-mail signatures, digital newsletters.
  • » PPresence and conversation in social networks.
  • » Personalized blogs.

Internalizing the brand

Brand culture and internalization of values:

  • » Launching events.
  • » Workshops using spontaneous theatre techniques to break the ice, involve people and generate interactive and educational means of expression
  • » Brand books to explore and work the soul of the brand in a creative fashion.


Design and develop all the necessary tools to fully express the brand:

  • » Stationary./li>
  • » Signposting.
  • » Packaging.
  • » Interior design.

Creation of manuals

Systematized brand tools:

  • » Mini manuals, corporate identity and product manuals.
  • » Downloads centre.


Personal brand creation workshops

Guided self-discovery process and diferentiation management
Workshops that will help you find what truly moves you and give you the tools to act accordingly, setting realistic targets and an action plan for an entrepreneurial project in accordance with your values and personality.
Personal branding is the ultimate tool to control your reputation in every medium.