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In 2013 I want to help place the bricks to make a better world.


Here, now and, as far as my memory goes, more than ever before, we need to stop and build something new. Feel that we are able, regain our confidence.

For 2013 I claim our right, a right belonging to all human beings, to imagine a better world.

A world we shall build together with bricks of hope and mortar of optimism.

Because if we are not capable of imagining a better world, how are we going to make it real?

We can begin, for example, by imagining a global pact not to damage nature. Stop producing garbage, residues, pollution. Cleansing our guilt by spending a bit of time every day to making it beautiful.

Let us also imagine a world in which we all count equally. And because language builds realities, there would be words which would disappear forever from our vocabulary, because they would no longer make sense or have any reference to reality. Words like unemployment, misery, exclusion, pain...

Let us dream of a world in which we may not live as long, but we will surely enjoy life more. Without tonnes of medicines and no loss of human dignity.

Let us strive for a world in which education will not castrate, but make anything possible. An education which teaches to create, question, think for ourselves and not to hold anything as true unless we have first understood it and made it our own.

Let us imagine that, by being more interconnected, we can see clearly what unites us humans, our universal values. Let us learn from our differences and not try to impose one vision over the others. We will perhaps find that we like to give more than we like to own, that it makes no sense to spend one's life simply accumulating money, letting go of our most human part, which we will now know matters more.

A harmonious, generous and interconnected world where we look to each other's eyes, without creases.

A beautiful, civic, well-designed world, where nothing is missing and nothing is in excess.

A world that learns from the wisdom of its ancient people and mistakes made in the past, in order not to repeat them.

A sustainable world, where everything will make sense.

In short, the world we would like to leave our kids as inheritance.



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Hello! I've been reading your website for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work! Check out my site ... loi duflot
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Yes. I am with you. I, too, am committed to this and have created a way to awaken, engage, and unite humanity to literally "lay these bricks" to both imagine and literally create it together. Would love to explore collaboration...what I offer humanity isn't the easiest thing to "brand" and I could use some help. http//

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