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And the good things were...


As is becoming tradition, once a year I like to look back with positive eyes and value all the good things that have happened to me.

Last year I said that I wanted to help place the bricks to make a better world and, though at first sight it seems that things haven't got any better, the amount of people who have committed themselves to helping us walk in the right direction is truly amazing. I feel very lucky to have begun walking this path.

Grasp. This year has been a time of crisis, in the best sense of the word, of rethinking my own discourse, of launching new products, of engaging in new collaborations. It has been the year in which I have thought more profoundly about my own activity, about my valuable independence, about how important it is for me to wake up every day and feel that what I do makes sense. And making sense in my profession can only mean rowing in the direction of the solutions that the world needs. Helping create brands that are oriented towards the benefit they give to society, and not simply towards the personal profit of their stakeholders. Responsible, sustainable and conciliatory brands that make one feel a part of the community which generates positive changes. Brands in which we can trust, not because they seduce us and hide all that we don't want to see, but because the values they allegedly defend are those that truly move them to act. In short, the brands of those professions, products and companies which will be responsible for the new world, one which will be more transparent, more ethical, and more sustainable... or will not be at all.

Dcollab, my workplace. I have been here for over a year. More than a co-working space, I feel it as my second home. Working here allows me to get to know and share space with people with immense creative talent and with a philosophy of life that's identical to mine, that of people who have dared take control of their professional lives and design their own future independently.

NOW, a place for possibilities. The aforementioned reflection regarding my own activity was caused by my taking part in one of the most fascinating projects that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. Through a series of different events happening in different parts of the world, we are motivating a positive change, a happier, more sustainable, and more empathic global culture. The purpose is to trigger better thoughts, actions and behaviours that will benefit others in a respectful, transparent, open, and responsible way. We have created a network of similar people in Los Angeles (USA), Madrid and Strängnäs (Sweden). The amount and quality of the initiatives which are appearing to reinvent the world is unbelievable.

People. When I thought I already knew a lot of people, I have become acquainted with many more and all of them have given me something. Some of them in a very, very special way. As easy as being open, talking, smiling, daring, trusting, showing interest. That is how new connections and collaborations appear. This year I have also been a mentee (what a word!) on two occasions:  I had my own mentor, thanks to Esade Alumni, and took part in a collective mentoring with the EPWN entrepreneurs. A very affordable luxury I recommend to any entrepreneur. I was also one of the first experts selected for the Womenalia Expert Council. Three networks I want to remain a part of in the upcoming year.

International visibility: One of the initial aspirations of grasp was to actively participate in international projects and it seems like the moment is coming. I can proudly say that in 2013 I have been selected as an advisor for the Advisory Council at the World Brand Congress that took place on the 21st-23rd October in Bombay (India) and as a juror for the 2014 prestigious Rebrand branding awards.

I hope, dear reader, that your 2013 has been filled with professional and personal achievements and wish that 2014 comes full of interesting opportunities. In these tough years we are facing, sometimes our tears will keep us from seeing the stars, but they're there, for you too. Do you see them? 


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