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And what did we learn?



As I promised, here comes a small summary of the workshop “How to create a brand in times  of crisis”, held yesterday in collaboration with N&N.

I presented the case of a small company coming from our most immediate environment and working in an extremely complicated field, which one day decided to correct the imbalance between its attractive identity and an image not up to the standard.

And it was not an accidental choice. I wanted to show that one does not need to be named Coca Cola or Telefónica in order to carry out a rigorous process, follow through the necessary initial reflection, achieve an integrative look and work together with a branding consultancy on tasks ranging from strategy analysis to the launching campaign of the renewed brand.

The setting helped a lot. The room was small but filled with entrepreneurs in a reinventing phase, people with whom I like to surround myself, positive, driven, full of initiative and willing to take control of their lives. We had time to introduce ourselves and to debate, and although surely many issues were left unaddressed, all those present learnt some tips which can help us work on our own company’s brand.

For example, how important it is to have a dream and to pursue it no matter what. Or that we must never forget that our product or service must be able to overcome all analysis, that aesthetic operations on their own are not enough. Or that our name, our logo and our web must always be coherent with our essential meanings and with the type of experience we want to cause.

And we also learnt that creating a brand means preserving a group of values and projecting a differentiated and unique personality. That perseverance, tenacity, coherence and consistency pay off. And that only those who dare to be different can create a brand. This applies to times of crisis, too.

I would like to thank Ruth and Samuel for giving me this opportunity and, specially, all of those who came to listen to me. It was a real pleasure.

You have a date for our next workshop on grasp’s approach to personal branding, although there is no definite date yet, maybe after Summer.


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I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undresatndable.

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