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Creativity, where are you?


Mr. Marcel School has summoned me once again to teach in a Branding workshop as part of their intensive Summer MA on Creativity, and I would like to take this post as an opportunity to thank them, and also to write a few words on creativity.

I have just reread a book in which one can find opinions by geniuses from disciplines as diverse as architecture, design, cinema, literature, photography, sculpture, painting and business: 'Creativity: Unconventional Wisdom from 20 Accomplished Minds'. The book was published in 2007 and the world has rapidly changed since then. The 2.0 web and its democratisation have made many creativities which were asleep or lacked a way of expression flourish. We are now delighted to share our ideas, collaborate, give without expecting anything in return and create new things. We are witnessing a true eclosion of constructive ideas which intend to leave the world a bit better than how they found it. But all this does not mean the book lack value. What have the great masters taught us?

Firstly, that being creative is something intrinsically human. It is born from our capacity to transform our surroundings and our lives. No other animals are creative. Creativity defines our individuality as humans.

According to Wikipedia, creativity is "producing new ideas or concepts or associations between ideas and concepts which usually lead to original solutions", but our experts talk about a survival mechanism of our species or about a disruptive element born from our inner us which breaks the normal thinking rules. Creativity, they say, is born from not wanting to accept things as they are, from questioning everything or from the need to tell a story. The creative person does not assume as true what he is told, but rather, only reaches the truth because he thinks on his own.

We are all creative when we are born, but we lose our capacity to create due to behaviour conditioning or to education received when we are very young. Our parents or the school in many cases kill our ability to create and dream. Almost 100% of the geniuses interviewed in this book were born in a creativity-favourable environment, with parents who encouraged them to keep experimenting, and many of them failed at school because they didn't behave as expected.

The creative person is a naturally curious observer; he likes to experiment with the unknown. He is also open-minded in order to be receptive when the Muse comes to visit.

In the commercial world, for creative ideas to pull through, a good client is also needed. Many of them don't recognise a powerful idea under any circumstances and, as a consequence, many of the best creations go straight into the bin. For them to pull through, one needs to be very persuasive, communicate their magic, connect with the emotion.

And a good creative is never moved by the perspective of making money or moving up the social scale. Much more motivating options are changing the world, making it more beautiful, more understandable, more fun, more sustainable, more ethical, more interesting, more humane. Let's do it with branding too.



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I would read more on this subject if the information provided were as fascinating as what you've got written in this article. Don't stop caring about the content you write. alma pm
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Wow, Ana, thanks for your story and thanks for sharing it in my blog. Creative persons always finda way!
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How I wish I was Twenty Years, younger, beausce I have always been a Person that is very creative, I remember when before I retired for the night, back then I would start being creative in my thoughts as to how I was going to make my dress for my daughter's upcoming Wedding, and come Morning I would make a be-line to my sewing Machine and start sewing, and I had always been like that, but when I became Ill about five Months ago my enery has gone down the drain, and I find myself being angry at myself, since I cannot function like I used too.But I am not a wishful thinker, since I find ways to finish any task I started. I am a creative Person, when I get an idea in my Head I make sure I do it, or my name isn't, Ana.

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