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Do we need help to find a name?

Asking our expert Anthony Shore.

Q: If everybody is able to create a brand, why subcontract this task to a namer? What is the added value?

I honestly believe that great names can come from anyone; founder-created names like Apple, Virgin, Amazon and Google prove this. But involving an expert namer can help in ways tangible and intangible:

Make clients money

A great name has the right sound and meaning, making it more likely to be shared by others through word-of-mouth. A great name inspires merchandising that becomes a new revenue source. Great names that can accomplish these bottom-line benefits (and clear trademark hurdles) are more likely to be created by an expert namer than a client who is not an experienced namer.        

Save clients money

A great name is intrinsically memorable so it needs less marketing to be remembered. By giving good advice, an expert namer can help clients' avoid trademark infringement and other costly problems. For example, in 1997 Reebok launched -- and then recalled -- a women's running shoe called Incubus. A good namer with a good liberal arts background would have advised Reebok against this name; an Incubus is a demon who attacks women in their sleep.

Build consensus

A namer is a neutral, disinterested party who can build client consensus and trust because they are insulated from their client's internal politics.      

Accelerate timing

A good namer helps clients avoid problems that can delay naming programs. Pro namers maintain forward momentum by managing expectations, building client consensus, developing a bredth and depth of unique names, and weeding out obviously problematic names in trademark and international linguistic assessment.

Build confidence

A good range of naming creative, logical rationale, name launch strategies and marketing approaches builds client confidence in their name choice. 

Ease client workloads

Clients already have a job to do, and it's probably not naming. An outside namer removes this burden from their client and insulates them from the emotional perils of moderating a naming discussion. It's better if an outside expert rejects a client-created name than a colleague.

And you, reader, have you ever  outsourced a namer for your product or comapny?, what was your particular reason?


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