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Grasp is born


They say that if you desire something a lot, it gets materialized. Even if the road is not easy, obvious or a straight line. There are people who find their path very early in life, and those who by trial and error, finally one day clearly see what their destiny is.

Well, it seems like we were destined to be entrepreneurs and we didn’t know it. That all those pushes and pulls, high and lows, and also (clearly!) deceptions that we, Mónica and I, jointly suffered four years ago, would one day be compensated by a prize. Our common project. Our own company.

There are those who aspire to be the biggest, the leader, the most famous or the most powerful. Others, like us, prefer to simply do what we like to do most, with those we like most. For us, work is not defined as 'work' because it doesn’t jeopardize our happiness and it adapts to our necessities without forgetting to take care of our clients, obviously!

Alright, I’ll stop the circumlocution. On the 15th of November, we made a public presentation of our project, grasp. It was in a beautiful  place where every day something special happens, that is sharing a space with others who collaborate among themselves. Manuel and Agustín from Working Space, offered us the opportunity to make a presentation within their activities program. We talked about how to build a corporate brand in congruence with identity and image and presented the case of vivienda2 with Pablo Múgica, the Back Office Director of the company. During this project, Irene was working for dobble. This project was a very intense project and the added value of her work became obvious from the first day. Two years later, in an industry that’s been almost wiped out, vivienda2 has doubled its size and the new brand has its solid foundations that will make further growth possible.

Furthermore, we presented our company launch video. A different way to express what’s really important when deciding to hire a company (ours!). Thank you Gema, Luciana, Laura, Raquel y Bruno. Special thanks to Kike for his enormous commitment and great results.



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