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The importance of being… Anthony Shore


There is a moment in the history of a product in which the only thing that matters is its name.

Not knowing how to name our idea, product, company or service… causes a lot of uneasiness and anxiety.

Seeking help from a branding professional doesn’t help either. Once you agree on the price (whatever that might be, it always seems excessive), it is not always easy to digest the fact that you have to invest various weeks to have a list of names ready, and that it requires a methodic and rigorous procedure. A name? Who hasn’t chosen a name some time or another?

With this complexities in mind, most of the time, we decide to leave the procedures aside and choose a name that first comes to our minds.

The choice can turn out to be a great one (including the possibility of registering it), but if we make a wrong choice, a choice which is probably the most important one according to authors of marketing and branding , we arrive at a point of no return.

With a name that can have adverse effects, because it can be overpromising, not easily remembered, unpronounceable or with negative connotations, the alternative is almost always spending more money. And later on, changing the name, although not impossible, is always complicated.

But on the contrary, what if we decide to subcontract this task. What do we exactly need to look for when hiring a professional? And what benefits would a company have in the hands of such a professional?

In order to speak about naming, we can depend on the expertise of Anthony Shore. Anthony worked for more than 200 companies developing more than a hundred brand names. Before he established his own consultancy firm, Operative Words, he was the Global Director of Naming & Writing at Landor. It is there where he created the name Accenture. His effort was probably the broadest naming effort in the history of branding. 



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