The brands of the sharing economy: interview with Albert Cañigueral

Vivir mejor con menos: Descubre las ventajas de la nueva economía colaborativa ('Living better with less: Discover the advantages of the new sharing economy') by Albert Cañigueral is a book born out of the direct experience and the daily work of its author, who defines himself as "a multimedia engineer fascinated by the

Luxury brands: passion for things well done.

It is usually said that we come to this world to fulfill three missions: plant a tree, have a child and write a book. Juan Hernández Aguirán has managed to achieve at least one of these goals. This ESADE graduate is only 28 years old, but he already managed to write and self-publish the book "El Marketing del nuevo lujo" - "New luxury marketing" .

And who knows how to create effective brand names?



Asking our expert Anthony Shore

Q: Anthony, from your long experience, what is the best profile for a good namer? It's an MBA specialised in brand strategy? It's a linguistic with a sound knowledge of different languages? It's a very cultivated person with a broad vocabulary?...

Eleven years ago, a veteran namer told me the best namers are linguists with an MBA. That captures 2 dimensions of a good namer, but I believe that characterization is incomplete.   

Do we need help to find a name?

Asking our expert Anthony Shore.

Q: If everybody is able to create a brand, why subcontract this task to a namer? What is the added value?

I honestly believe that great names can come from anyone; founder-created names like Apple, Virgin, Amazon and Google prove this. But involving an expert namer can help in ways tangible and intangible:

Make clients money

The importance of being… Anthony Shore


There is a moment in the history of a product in which the only thing that matters is its name.

Not knowing how to name our idea, product, company or service… causes a lot of uneasiness and anxiety.