And the good things were...


As is becoming tradition, once a year I like to look back with positive eyes and value all the good things that have happened to me.

Last year I said that I wanted to help place the bricks to make a better world and, though at first sight it seems that things haven't got any better, the amount of people who have committed themselves to helping us walk in the right direction is truly amazing. I feel very lucky to have begun walking this path.

In 2013 I want to help place the bricks to make a better world.


Here, now and, as far as my memory goes, more than ever before, we need to stop and build something new. Feel that we are able, regain our confidence.

For 2013 I claim our right, a right belonging to all human beings, to imagine a better world.

A world we shall build together with bricks of hope and mortar of optimism.

Because if we are not capable of imagining a better world, how are we going to make it real?

Things that made us happy in 2011

Christmas 2011. There goes another year. It is time to evaluate it.


What happened in 2011? What do we want to remember this year for?

In 2011...

Grasp, Brands that make sense, S.L. was legally set up and our brands registered. Our webpage began to take shape and we managed to attract the attention of a few hundred people in Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Grasp is born


They say that if you desire something a lot, it gets materialized. Even if the road is not easy, obvious or a straight line. There are people who find their path very early in life, and those who by trial and error, finally one day clearly see what their destiny is.