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Superwords for 2015


I am convinced that words are magical because they can influence our mood and soak us up with their superpowers. If we can give words to a positive reality, life will make it happen. Therefore, for 2015, I want to give you six words as a gift, in hope that they will come to life and turn into fulfilling experiences for each and every one of you.


DARE to finally take that step so often postponed. Dare to walk firmly, to raise your voice and defend that which you believe in, even if you tremble and fear betrays you. Dare to grab the bull by the horns, to carry on moving forward, and never give up; to stand up again as many times as necessary. Dare to live earnestly all moments in your life. Dare to be happy and enjoy every moment.


DISCOVER that other worlds are possible, that nothing is fixed, that the future can be modeled and that each of us individually counts. Discover, for example, that in the nooks, but simultaneously, in a connected and global way, alternatives have risen that prioritise the common good and give people, instead of markets or money, the central role they deserve. Discover that incredible projects are incessantly being born in our own city and that utopias can be real and feasible.  


COLLABORATE to increase capacities, to create new things, to unite different points of view. Collaborate integrating diversity. Collaborate, instead of competing, in order to reach what, individually considered, seems impossible. Collaborate joyfully, with laughter, without hierarchies. Collaborate respecting differences and lending a hand. Collaborate with people you like and give you good vibrations.


TRUST yourself, your capacities, your vast inner strength, and your knowledge, which is always broader than what you believe. Trust others, the people you know and total strangers. Trust in honesty, integrity, unselfishness, kindness, decency. Trust that you will reach a safe harbour without neglecting your path.   


PREPARE for good things and for the unexpected, too. Prepare for contingencies without being paralised by the fear of hypothetical thinking. Prepare to question others and oneself, never consider anything as settled, comprehend that there is always more than one way and that sometimes it is necessary to fork, swerve off or run into the wild and unknown. Prepare because, nowadays, everything is uncertain, convulse, complex. Prepare to reach your big dream, make small changes, and make it happen.


BE THANKFUL for what life gives us, which is always far more than what it takes from us. Be thankful for having met so many interesting, valuable, fun, wise, indepent, determined, generous people. Be thankful for those that are no longer with us, those that are gone and left an ineffaceable footprint in us, for having the luck of having met them and been part of their life. Be thankful for those who help you, guide you, advise you or train you. Be thankful for the talents that make you unique, and allow you to swim through the stream of life. Be thankful for your opportunities, for the new year, and for the possibility of filling it with beautiful things. Always be thankful.  


Happy new year! Thank you for being part of my life. 



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