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Things that made us happy in 2011

Christmas 2011. There goes another year. It is time to evaluate it.


What happened in 2011? What do we want to remember this year for?

In 2011...

Grasp, Brands that make sense, S.L. was legally set up and our brands registered. Our webpage began to take shape and we managed to attract the attention of a few hundred people in Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

We achieved the first branding projects, which we let you know about as soon as they stop being confidential. We saw how our clients' ideas took shape and became real thanks to the brands we created for them.

We met more and more people. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, some big company executives, people in motion, restless people, people with ideas.

We never missed our monthly dinner with the group of "powerful women and man" from the Talent Management ESADE course, and we laughed a lot.

We recovered some contacts and friendships whom we hadn't seen in a long time. We confirmed that the link is still there. We also made new friends. People who we realised from the very first moment that they were on the same wavelength as us. Isn't it beautiful when that happens?

We reprinted our cards twice.

We listened to and budgeted for very interesting projects from entrepreneurs and dreamers. We were filled by their enthusiasm.

We woke up early every Friday to go to the networking group, first with BNI, then with N&N, and we made our best effort to create a link of commitment and friendship. And, of course, of business generation too.

We went to many workshops and events from different forums. And we always learnt something new.

We always tried to marvel with our 4 minute training sessions for BNI which kept us in tension throughout the week.

We prepared the conference on "How to create a brand in times of crisis", to which many enterprising people assisted and which we greatly enjoyed.

And we also gave branding classes in the Entrepreneurs Master (MBE) in the Politécnica University, in the Master of International Business (MIB) at the EAE and in the first edition of the Creativity "Más" at an innovative new school, Mister Marcel School. Young students with new ideas. Knowledge sponges. It was a pleasure to teach them.

And how did it go for you? And what are you planning to do next year?

If you call us and let us know, we will treat you with a coffee.

Happy 2012!



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